Volta's Chocolates

Like a kid in a candy store...

No matter the age, you are sure to find something to quench your chocolate needs. We’ve sampled some of the world’s finest chocolates in our quest to bring only the best to Gainesville.

Over the years we've expanded Volta's chocolate selection to include many of the most award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the world. We never stop in our quest to select the best, even sending Volta's owner Anthony to San Francisco to be a judge for the chocolate section of the Good Food Awards.

The line-up of bars at Volta is envy-inducing. We are always adding and removing selections based on availability, but makers include US artisans Patric, Fruition, Amano, Dick Taylor, Manoa, Madre, and Vintage Plantations. Our international line-up includes SOMA, OmNom, Sampaka, Akesson, Mulate, Pump Street Bakery, Gardini, and Original Beans.


Fabio and Manuele Gardini have been hand-making chocolates in Forlì, Itali, since 1987. The Gardini brothers consider handcraft manufacturing as an absolute value to pursue; one taste of their bars and you will know that they don't take any shortcuts in their craft.

L'Artigiano Sale Doce Without a doubt, the Sale Dolce bar is the staff favorite at Volta. It was a complete revelation when we were first sourcing Italian chocolates. Milk chocolate with sea salt and olive oil? Why not! L'Artigiano begins building the flavors in the bar with milk chocolate. Yeah, we know. Chocolate snobs are not supposed to like milk chocolate. Trust us, you'll like this one. From the chocolate base, the Gardini brothers add sweet sea salt from Cervia (Ravenna) and olive oil from Brisighello. The combination of chocolate, sweet sea salt, and unctuous, peppery olive oil is close to chocolate perfection.

Also available as a dark chocolate + sea salt bar, with 54% chocolate and no olive oil.

Vintage Plantations

Over 15 years ago, Vintage founder Pierrick Chouard went searching for quality cocoa beans sourced from the farmer to promote indigenous native cocoa beans; he was among the first to recognize Farmers needed to be included in the chocolate manufacturing process to have any chances of increasing the quality of chocolate available to consumers.

At any time, Volta offers a selection of Vintage Plantations dark chocolate and milk chocolate bars, including a very popular 75% dark with macadamia and a milk chocolate with crystalized sea salt.

Volta uses Vintage Plantation chocolates in our shop-made flavored hot chocolates, our truffles, and for our chocolate desserts.