Current Coffees

Large flavors, not large sizes

The tastes are intense and pure.
We serve coffees that have a light roasting profile. Dark roasting can hide a multitude of defects in poorly-sourced coffees. By using coffees with a lighter roast, you taste more flavors out of each variety, as well as nuances in body and acidity otherwise masked by the char of dark roasting.

Given our roaster's commitment to in-season coffee, Volta's coffee menu changes frequently. Not only do coffees come into season at different times around the calendar, roasters occasionally sources rare micro-lot or auction lot coffees that are available in extremely limited quantities.

Current Offerings: Selections from Toby's Estate, of Brooklyn, NY

Brazil: Pedra Redonda
Tasting notes: Hazelnut, honey with a dark chocolate finish.

Current Offerings: Selections from Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters, Chicago, Ill

Sulawesi: Toarco Jaya
Tasting notes: Fudge and caramel paired with cherry and apple make for a full body and balanced acidity. The unique finish has hints of brown sugar and sweet tobacco.

Rwanda: Zirikana
Tasting notes: Bright, yet sweet notes of apricot and marmalade complement the tartness of cherry and lime. The finish is clean with a hint of orange zest.

Bolivia: Anjilanaka
Tasting notes: Pear and fig complement the soft juiciness of cantaloupe and apricot. Clove an dark chocolate linger in the finish.

Volta Iced Coffees

Volta makes the base for of all our iced coffee drinks by way of a cold brewing process. We soak ground coffee and water in a container overnight and then filter the resulting concentrate. Cold brewing extracts the desirable flavor compounds (and the caffeine) but leaves behind many of the oils and about 67% of the fatty acids that give hot brewed coffee the familiar bite. Cold-brewed coffee tastes smoother and it makes a fantastic iced coffee.

Iced Black

Cold-brewed coffee over ice.

Iced Cafe au Lait

Cold-brewed coffee with milk over ice. Served with whole milk, 2%, skim, or organic soy.

Iced Mocha

Cold-brewed coffee with milk and our Askinosie chocolate sauce.

Iced Vanilla or Cinnamon

Cold-brewed coffee with milk and our shop-made Madagascar vanilla or cinnamon syrups.