Volta's Espresso Menu



Too many coffee bars foist "Hobbesian" espresso on their customers: poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

It doesn't have to be that way.

At Volta, we want our espresso to be like a great Ramone's song: fast, sweet, and sure to put a smile on your face as you bounce around the room. Our baristas have extensive training to build the best possible shot from amazing ingredients.

Volta also features guest espressos from some of the top roasters around the world. Ask your barista if there is a guest espresso for you to try. You never know what espresso we may have tracked down that week.

Great espresso requires careful attention from the hand of the barista: we time and weigh every shot. Because we believe in the quality of our shots, we offer a limited espresso drink menu that best shows off the coffee in very specific recipes.

Our Drinks


A double espresso. You select from among seasonal single origin coffees, with the occasional blend


A double ristretto espresso marked with a splash of microfoamed latte milk. A macchiato is approximately 3 ounces.


Volta serves a traditional Italian cappuccino: a double espresso in a 5.5 ounce cup, with velvety, microfoamed milk.


Volta serves a traditional Italian latte: a double shot of espresso in a 12 ounce cup, with velvety, microfoamed milk.


A double espresso that we float over 10 ounces of hot water.

If you must...

We always have a few ways for you to doctor your drink. You can add an extra shot of espresso to any drink for a buck. You can turn any of the espresso drinks into a mocha with the addition of a shot of Volta's home-made single origin chocolate sauce. We also have house made vanilla and cinnamon syrups.