Charity Art Show for Ugandan Schools


Saturday, 20 June, from 8-10 pm

Direct Development International and Volta present a benefit art show for school children in Uganda who have been orphaned by HIV.

The show features children's works, micro financed crafts from local Ugandan entrepreneurs, and photos, all for sale! All of the proceeds will go directly to Direct Development partnered schools in Uganda.

As one of the founding directors of Direct Development International (and ex-Volta barista), Kelly Heber spent the last few months in Uganda working on projects for a UN-sponsored NGO. Her posts from the field paint a cautiously optimistic view of a Uganda emerging from decades of strife and neglect into development and self-determination. Kelly's post about a visit to Uganda N.O.W.'s project to provide education in rural areas of the country illustrates the difficulties that are still ahead:

The most shocking factor of Busagazi is this: of the ten students, aged 14-16 that stood in front of me to welcome me to their school, nearly all were heads of household, some even caring for children younger than themselves. The reason? HIV.

HIV has devastated these remote villages, because of an extreme lack of infrastructure, education, and public health measures. The children looked onto Deo with awe, as he spoke to me in English and then to them in Luganda. He told me that this sort of experience inspired these students to mind their lessons, so that they may also interact with people from around the world.

What can we do to help?

While Kelly was still in Uganda, she began writing me about the possibility of Volta contributing to a fundraising effort to help DDI-sponsored schools in rural Uganda. To that end, we are sponsoring a month-long exhibit of Ugandan children's art, folk art, and Kelly's photographs. All of the work is for sale, and all of the proceeds will go directly to aid the children in the schools that Kelly wrote about. This show is so special that we're having two openings; the first will be a DDI-sponsored event from 8-10pm on 20 June (immediately following James Hannaham's presentation), the second will be the show's presentation on Gainesville's ArtWalk, from 7-10 on 26 June.