Weekend Update

  • Volta will be closing at 7pm this Saturday (7/18) while half of the staff are up in Chicago training with Intelligentsia. Regular hours resume on Sunday.
  • Volta will be at the UF Center for Performing Arts on Sunday evening for the first Summer Wine Festival — Corks, Cakes and Chocolate! Come join us in the Phillips Center Fackler Foyer East for a wine and chocolate tasting. Natalie and Italian chocolate importer Andrea Tosolini will be on hand to feature samples of Volta's new Italian chocolates. Socialize with friends and enjoy delicious samples from local businesses. Hors d’oeuvres will be served in the lobby as you make your way to Fackler Foyer West for an auction featuring handmade cakes from professional and amateur bakers. Tickets are available at the Center for Performing Arts, on the UF campus.
  • Speaking of chocolates, we've been receiving new chocolates over the last few days: we now have Askinosie's amazing 77% dark bar from Davao, Philippines. It's the first commercially available chocolate from the Philippines in decades, and it has a wonderful, wild fruit flavor behind the punch of a 77% dark bar. We also have the Askinosie Dark Milk back in stock, as well as a new variant of the white chocolate with goat's milk, this time using the San Jose del Tambo cocoa butter from Ecuador. Finally, we're completely restocked with Cuorenero chocolates from Italy. The tobacco-wrapped chocolates are back, and we've introduced a new 70% single origin Bolivia bar.