A Different Itzamna

In previous years, Intelligentsia's Guatemala Itzamna (and El Cuervo before that) was a blend of coffee from two or three farms in different regions of the country. This year, each individual farm's crop was notable enough to separate into unique releases. We just switched our Itzamna from Finca Maravilla to Finca La Soledad. The coffee from La Soledad is touch brighter, but silky and with a strong vanilla finish. Henio and Raul Perez's La Soledad farm is from the Acatenango region of Guatemala, at an elevation of 1470-1740 meters; the coffee is a blend of Caturra, Bourbon, and Typica.

The first iteration of this year's Itzamna came from the Maravilla farm of Mauricio Rosales. Situated in the HueHuetenago region, the Bourbon and Caturra varietals of coffee grow at the dizzying heights of 1850 meters. While we have switched over to the Soledad farm for our brewed coffee, the Maravilla isn't going away: we will soon be offering Sr. Rosales' coffee as a single origin espresso. We had a very limited amount of the Maravilla espresso last year as one of our first guest espressos. This year's edition is every bit as spectacular.