Ecco Caffe: Brazil Santa Terezinha Auction Lot

[flickr-photo:id=3855375869;size=m]I first became aware of Ecco Caffe through their work with bringing in amazing Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees. When the opportunity presented itself to allow us to use Ecco at the shop, my thoughts first turned to Brazil. The coffee is everything I look for in a quality Brazilian: deep, soulful body balanced with the sweetness of a glass of guarapo. here's how Ecco describes the coffee: "Sugar cane, flowers and cocoa are noted in the dry aroma. This coffee is exceptionally approachable with an elegantly balanced acidity and a deeply satisfying roundness. The finish is long and finessed with turbinado sweetness."

Volta cupping notes: Apple peel and cocoa butter fragrances, with the faint aroma of a good Scotch, with a medium body. Green apple brightness that cools to the sweetness of a clean, crisp pear, with a slightly bittersweet finish like an almond cookie.

Organic farmer Paulinho Almeida has grown some of the world’s most exquisite coffees, and in 2001, Santa Terezinha won First Place in Brazil’s prestigious Cup of Excellence competition. Ecco founder Andrew Barnett has been working closely with Sr. Almeida for many years.