Uncomplicated: Organic El Salvador Santa Adelaida

[flickr-photo:id=3861731511,size=m]Sometimes you just want a coffee that is full of crazy flavor notes that take you in unexpected directions. Other times, you want a coffee that has an uncomplicated sophistication-- a coffee that clearly articulates the classics from the flavor wheel: slightly bittersweet baker's chocolate, roasted nuts, the mild astringency of cedar. Ecco's El Salvador Santa Adelaida delivers these qualities in abundance. When we first dialed in the dose and brew time on the Clover, I was stunned by the clarity of the flavor of roasted Brazil nut and the wonderful baker's chocolate finish. It's a coffee that doesn't fatigue the palate and can be enjoyed all day long. Above all else, it is the perfect coffee to pair with Volta's bakery selections. I can't think of a better coffee to drink with an Askinosie chocolate-chocolate cupcake, or with a fatty cake cookie.

Volta cupping notes: Roasted pumpkin aroma while brewing. Medium body with malty-sweet overtones. Flavors range from toasted Brazil nut to pumpernickel bread and cocoa, with a very mellow acidity and slightly lingering bittersweet finish.

At one time, Santa Adelaida was one family-owned farm, but under a 1982 land reform program, it was split. Currently, the land is run by a cooperative of over 180 members representing more than 50 families.