The Chameleon: Ecco Caffe & Intelligentsia's Finca La Maravilla

[flickr-photo:id=3864285457,size=m]Mauricio Rosales's Finca Maravilla has been a cornerstone of Intelligentsia's Guatamala project for over five years. Situated in the volcanic mountains around HueHuetenango, the Bourbon and Caturra coffees of Maravilla grow on hillsides nearly 1900 meters high. Extra care is given during harvest to only select coffee cherries at the peak of ripeness-- lending a piercing clarity to the natural citrus flavors of the coffee.

Ecco Caffe and Intelligentsia are sharing this year's crop from La Maravilla-- providing a unique opportunity to try the coffee roasted four different ways. We previously carried the Intelligentsia version of the Maravilla coffee roasted as part of the Itzamna project. We currently have the coffee roasted by Ecco for brewed coffee. Ecco's version is obviously similar to the Intelligentsia version, but where we previously saw the emphasis on the citrus acidity, the Ecco version seems to bring out the cocoa-vanilla depth of body and lingering finish.

Next week we will see yet another iteration of the coffee when we are able to stock Ecco's espresso roast of La Maravilla as our featured single origin espresso. We'll finish the season's Guatemala run at the end of the month by giving a turn to Intelligentsia's Black Cat Project version of Maravilla as our featured espresso.

Intelligentsia describes La Maravilla as "gilded by an orange and lime citrus acidity, the center of this coffee radiates flavors of fruit punch and caramel. The compact mouthfeel provides a sturdy foundation while the finish elevates into rich Swiss chocolate with a hint of vanilla bean."

Volta cupping notes: fragrances of cinnamon toast morph into roasted nut aromas during brewing. Medium-light body; slightly off-sour Flemish ale notes highlight light citrus flavors that give way to vanilla and faintly bittersweet chocoalte as it cools.