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Los Luchadores: Paca vs. Mara

The summer of 2009 has certainly been a celebration of the coffees of El Salvador: Intelligentsia's two Los Inmortales crops (Finca Matalapa and El Borbollon), Ecco's Santa Adelaida, Counter Culture's Finca Mauritania. El Salvador continues to run the table with yet another fascinating coffee from Counter Culture, via the guiding hand of farmer Aida Batlle: Los Luchadores. The spirit of El Santo lives on in this spicy coffee.

While the other El Salvador coffees have been focused on the Bourbon variety of coffee, Los Luchadores is one of the few releases of a pure Pacamara heirloom variety of coffee. As Counter Culture's Peter Giuliano notes:

One of the joys of great coffee is learning about the myriad varieties of coffee that are grown on coffee farms around the world. And, just as in other produce, there exist “heirloom” varieties—traditional cultivars that produce delicious, unique flavor experiences.

Pacamara is one of these special, heirloom varieties. Owing its discovery to Don Alberto Pacas, and the cultivar Pacas named after him, and its mixture with Maragojipe, the famous “Elephant Bean” of Brazil, Pacamara is a Salvadoran original. It sometimes happens that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and the Pacamara variety seems to have taken only the best qualities from its parent varieties—the delicious sweetness of Pacas and the large beans of Maragojipe—and added to those qualities a unique, fruity, savory strength, unique to Pacamara.

Los Luchadores, brewed on the Clover, has quickly become my go-to coffee when I want something that I can drink all morning. It has classic deep walnut flavors that give way to a spicy flavor that reminds me of a summer fruit cobbler. Plus, who doesn't like Lucha Libre? CCC says that the “Los Luchadores” mark evokes the unique brawn and power of great Pacamara coffees. The Luchadores logo, with the wrestlers Paca and Mara ready to square off, is one of the most inspired designs in the industry.