The Week In Coffee: 10/10/9

[flickr-photo:id=3995934963,size=m]The season for Central American coffees is winding down, and we're now able to post the best array of African coffees that we've seen since we opened. The South American coffees should be arriving in port by early November. We can look forward to the return of favorites from Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru by Thanksgiving.

We'll be returning to Ecco Caffe for this week's espresso. After we burn through the last few pounds of custom-mixed Black Cat this weekend, our primary espresso will be a blend of a natural Cachoeira Yellow Bourbon coffee from Brazil and the stellar Guatemala Finca La Maravilla Bourbon. As an interesting experiment, we are also offering the Cachoeira Yellow Bourbon as an unblended single origin espresso. It is a unique opportunity to taste espresso from the same coffee both blended and unblended. The Cachoeira is a very subtle shot that is best straight, or with very little milk as a macchiato or cappuccino.

On the brewed coffee side, we are featuring two coffees from Ecco Caffe: the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Reserve and the Nicaragua La Guatusa. The Konga is a special selection Yirgacheffe, culled by Ecco's Andrew Barnett and Abdullah Bagersh. It's back on the menu by popular demand. The La Guatusa comes from the farm of Donal Canales, whose family is also responsible for Intelligentsia's Los Delirios coffee.

The menu is rounded out with outstanding coffees from Intelligentsia: the Kenya Ndaroini and Zambia Munama show two sides of the SL28 coffee variety known for deep apricot acidity. Finally, Finca Matalapa continues to represent the extraordinary coffees of El Salvador that we've seen this season.