Four Seasons Dong Ding Oolong

[flickr-photo:id=3817858039]I've always wondered if Volta could get by only offering oolong teas. Of all the tea in China, oolongs hold a special attraction. They are slow to reveal themselves-- it's something of a commitment to start a pot of a high grade oolong. The best oolongs require patience and many infusions before the range of flavors are unraveled. Working with Intelligentsia's Doug Palas, we are able to feature quality teas that are not often seen in Florida tea shops. We happened to be in Chicago, cupping (or evaluating) different oolong samples with Doug when we had the opportunity to pick up three exceptional examples of Taiwanese oolongs from the Dong Ding Mountain region.

Late in the summer we picked up two different roast levels of the Antique Dong Ding oolong teas from Taiwan: medium and light. The ligher version, called Four Seasons, was almost unavailable; we picked up all 100gr that were brought in through Intelligentsia. We also picked up a few hundred grams of the Gao Shan Cha/High Mountain Oolong.

The High Mountain tea is long gone. I'm posting because we just rediscovered 50gr each of the light and medium roast Antique Dong Ding teas. That's enough for 8 pots of each. Seriously, there's no more to be "rediscovered" in the stockroom. When this lot is gone, it's over until next spring.