CJ Boyd at Volta

The CJ Boyd Sexted
Live at Volta: Friday, 2/12, 8pm
A special pre-Valentine's Day concert at Volta, with the CJ Boyd Sexxxtet:

The CJ Boyd Sexxxtet is a group of musicians interested in exploring the connection between music and sexuality. The line-up changes all the time; what continues is (their) commitment to experimenting with eros and its place in musical experiences.

"We are a vehicle of critique. We start with the supposition that our culture's fundamentally prudish, willful ignorance about sex is connected to our culture's simultaneous cult of sexuality hidden behind thin veils of pop icons on the radio and television. We suppose that the shunning of the body and the attempt to make sex a mere spectacle are both forms of denigrating our sexual bodies. The true celebration of sex, as far as we can tell, has yet to fully manifest itself in our culture. We tip our hats to the sexual revolutionaries of the 60s and 70s, as well as the great sexual scientists Freud and Kinsey, and hope to continue their work through musical/sexual experimentation."

Equal parts ambient and virtuosic, melancholic and playful, CJ Boyd’s bass playing melts glaciers, creating a sea of low, flowing rhythms, while also supplying melodies that soar over the ocean to dizzy the sun in its path. Waves of bass loops are garnished with harmonica drones and constant improvisational exploration. Deep-sea-diving for the hungry and alone. While certainly following in the footstep of great bassists like Mingus and Meyer, Boyd’s aesthetic sensibility also seeks to wed the minimalism of Reich and Riley with what might be called the maximalism of Beethoven's chamber music. Add some Moondog, Authur Russell, Godspeed, Eluvium. But with the improvisational prowess culled from jazz. Not a "bassplayer" in the usual sense of the word. But something refreshing and impressive—with fingers that only know how to dance to the deepest tunes.

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