Micro-lot Cupping: 5/24/08

Thanks to some last minute hustle on behalf of the Intelligentsia roasting works we were able to feature two spectacular reserve coffees for our second public cupping. We had six customers turn up early on a Saturday to join the staff in cupping Los Inmortales, a micro-lot from the El Salvador Finca Matalapa, the reserve pulp-natural Fazenda do Sertão from Brazil, and the shop favorite Rwanda Zirakana.

Here's a short listing of the impressions from the cupping. Six of the participants had never cupped before; two participants were from the staff.

El Salvador Los Inmortales

  • Dry: Dried apple, butter, vanilla, mango powder
  • Wet: Bread crust, peach syrup, nutmeg
  • Body/acidity: Sweet, medium-heavy body, mild
  • Flavor: Vanilla, apple, sweet rasin, peach
    • Los Inmortales was the favorite of just over half of the participants.

      Rwanda Zirakana

      • Dry: Orange, tangerine, caramel
      • Wet: Chocolate, "snappy" citrus zest, cotton candy
      • Body/acidity: Tangy-sweet, light-medium body, lower acid
      • Flavor: Walnuts, chocolates, tangerine finish
        • Zirakana was the favorite of almost half of the participants.

          Brazil Fazenda do Sertão

          • Dry: Earthy, hot bread, smoke, citrus peel
          • Wet: Red fruit, white grape, fresh-cut wood
          • Body/acidity: Light, medium body. Velvety. Sweet, low acid
          • Flavor: Chocolate malt, sweet like a pear, red fruits. "tastes like coffee should taste"
            • The Brazil was the favorite of two of the participants. (I was surprised that it didn't cup better, because in my opinion it produces the best cup of the three with both the Clover and the Chemex...)