Watts and Volta

Date: Wednesday, March 31

Time: 8:00 pm

Volta is honored to present an evening with Geoff Watts, Intelligentsia's VP of Coffee and Green Coffee Buyer. Join us at 8pm for a round-table discussion of (among other topics), Intelligentsia's development of the Direct Trade model of coffee trade, new production and processing experiments at origin, and the impact of the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange on specialty coffee.

Under Geoff's management, Intelligentsia practices direct trade, working closely with actual producers--and not just importers or exporters-- promoting a “seed to cup” attention to their product. Geoff Watts assisted in the opening of Intelligentsia Coffee in 1995.Today, he travels extensively to farms throughout Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia, establishing new relationships with farmers, exporters, and specialty coffee importers throughout the world, all the while gathering insight and understanding of what it is that makes that makes coffee extraordinary.