New York Egg Cream

[flickr-photo:id=4603555749,size=-]It's only May, and Gainesville afternoons are already tripping the 90-degree mark. When looking for a summer drink to add to the menu, we decided to look to Brooklyn and the mythical egg cream. What is an egg cream? Well, for starters, it doesn't involve egg or cream. Think of it as a cross between a cold chocolate milk and a melted ice cream float. From Wikipedia:

The origin of the name "egg cream" is constantly debated. One theory was said that they used grade "A" milk calling it a chocolate A cream thus sounding like 'egg' cream. Stanley Auster, the grandson of the beverage's alleged inventor, has been quoted as saying that the origins of the name are lost in time. One commonly accepted origin is that "Egg" is a corruption of the German (also found in Yiddish) word echt ("genuine" or "real") and this was a "good cream".

One thing is for certain: you better not call it a New York Egg Cream without using Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup. Accept no substitute. We tried making an uptown version using both Askinosie and Vintage Plantation chocolate sauces. No matter how refined the syrup, the result fell short of the Fox's. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to mess with a classic.

For our take on the drink, we start with an ounce and a half of Fox's, add three ounces of milk, then top the glass off with shop-made seltzer water. Give it a quick stir and you have a multi-layered drink with a white, foamy head and a clean, sweet, cool taste. It's the perfect drink to cool off before heading out for an afternoon at the springs.

In case you were wondering about the place of the egg cream in the mythos of NYC, here's Lou Reed with a few words on the subject...