Sarah's latest baking conquest: vanilla macaron with salted caramel filling

[flickr-photo:id=4668661639,size=-]Sarah is progressing on her quest to make the perfect French Macaron: witness her vanilla macaron with a salted caramel filling. Not only is Sarah an amazing barista (representing Volta at the Southeast Regional Barista Championship), but her true passion is in baking. She gets the Volta kitchen to herself three times a week to come up with, well, pretty much anything that she's interested in making. For the last four months, she's been working on perfecting the art of the macaron. Not the macaroon (i.e., the glob of sweetened coconut that passes for a cookie), but the French cookie made of ground almonds and sugar, filled with a contrasting buttercream frosting.

The latest version is truly her best yet: a white, vanilla cookie that is held together with a slathering of shop-made salted caramel. We only have a dozen or so left in the shop. Come by soon or you will have missed your chance to experience the best little slice of Paris that you are likely to find in Gainesville this summer.

Pair with: Four Seasons Baked Oolong tea.