Good Luck, Aly

Back in the spring of 2008, Alexandra C. Wright was one of the first people to respond to a rather quirky job posting for Volta in the UF student newspaper. I remember that during our interview we had to deal with the dust and noise of the construction crew as they worked on the last of the final punch list, about three weeks before we were to open. When we hired Alexandra, she had never worked foodservice before. At least we had that in common. It would be a week before the GB5 was set up and we could begin to learn how to pull shots. I don't think that Aly knew what she was getting herself into at the time; I doubt that she'd ever had a properly brewed cup of single-farm coffee or a traditional cappuccino.

In her own quiet way, Alexandra took up the task of helping us build Volta's work ethic and our approach to coffee prep and service. Through trainings, cuppings, and endless days of pulling shots while puzzling over the black art of espresso, I realized that as Aly figured everything out, we would have no problem building an amazing staff out of people with no previous experience in the art of the barista. In those early days we most definitely pulled more shots for each other in training than we ever served to customers. Working together with Aly, I began to systematize our training. Within a year, Aly was our lead barista. You can thank her if you've ever enjoyed your drink at Volta-- she has been key in training everyone who has worked here.

After two and a half years with us, Aly has made the leap to the other coast to open her horizons to new experiences. Her last shift behind the bar was last Wednesday. Everyone at the shop will obviously miss her, but it's also hard not to be jealous that she'll be in an environment so rich in coffee and espresso culture while we continue our work to build something from scratch here in Gainesville.

To quote the Wreckless Eric record that she'd taken to playing in the shop over the last few months, if you see that girl out there in the world, please be nice to her.