The Life of the Shop

I often get asked how I can spend so much time working around Volta. Truth is, I look forward to spending my days with so many creative people both behind and in front of the bar. Books are being written, businesses are being started, plans are being hatched. We argue politics with friends and plot extravagant desserts for the case. There are always coffees to be cupped, cappuccinos to enjoy, and new tea samples to evaluate.

We have a flow of information about the shop on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Flickr pool, but those posts tend to focus on new coffee or bakery items offered or scheduled events. They lack a sense of life around the shop. I wanted a place where we could post about the ephemera of Volta-- the latte art pours that were particularly nice, the way a slice of pie pairs with a brewed coffee, the ad hoc public defenders meeting in the cupping corner. Now there's a tumblr account for that. is where staff can upload daily photos and observations that don't really fit on this page or the social networking sites. It's only been up a week and it is already shaping up to be an interesting visual diary.