Fest Weekend

[flickr-photo:id=5126058360,size=-]A good weekend for espresso in Gainesville. Volta is taking advantage of the crush of bands in town for The Fest to feature a number of guest espressos:

Ecco Caffe Espresso
Ritual Double Rainbow
Coava Guatemala Xeucalvitz
De La Paz Cherry Chapstick
Counter Culture Coffee's El Salvador Finca Mauritania Triple Process and Apollo v2.1

We'll have the latest Ecco espresso on the big Robur at all times, and we'll cycle through the guest espresso selections all weekend long.

Featured brewed coffees: Ecco Caffe Guatemala El Tambor, Kenya Kangocho, Sidama Shilcho; Counter Culture Coffee's El Salvador Los Luchadores

We're planning to stay open at least an hour later on Saturday and Sunday nights.