Winter Reserve Oolongs

Volta’s Reserve Oolongs are extremely limited offerings– often less than ten pounds of these teas are imported to the US, with prices topping $400 a pound. The teas are offered in variations of “Gongfu Cha” style, literally meaning“making tea with efforts.”

Da Yu Lin, Gao Shan Cha

Da Yu Lin, Gao Shan Cha comes from a family-owned garden located on Li Shan (Pear Mountain), Taiwan, at an elevation of 2500-2600m. This garden is one of the highest growing regions for oolong tea, not just in Taiwan, but anywhere. The tea can only be harvested twice a year, greatly limiting the amount available for export. In spite of the difficulty of harvest, during prime years the tea can be truely amazing– displaying flavors of tropical fruit, pine, and wildflower. Our Dan Yu Lin is considered winter crop (November/December), as opposed to spring crop (late April, May); our air shipment of this tea arrived in late December, roughly 2-3 weeks after harvest.

Bai Hao Qin Xin, Gaiwan Service

Like all good Bai Hao oolongs, our tea was grown in Hsinchu (Xinzhu) county, in Northern Taiwan, and was harvested in Early July. It is a hand-crafted, highly-oxidized oolong crafted from the Qin Xin varietal. Bai Hao means white-tipped or white pekoe, refering to the abundance of pekoe leaves in this tea that are normally missing from Taiwan oolongs. The processing is about 55-60% oxidation, and it was lightly baked in low temperature ovens. While most Bai Hao oolongs are described as having a honey flavor, this one reminds us of rose petal, tropical fruit, and baking spice.