One of the Best (National Edition)!

On the same day that we discovered Imbibe Magazine's selection of Volta as one of their 100 best places to drink in the south, we saw the release of Food and Wine Magazine's Eat and Drink: America's Best Coffee Bars, Sweets, and Cocktails from Coast to Coast". The feature started out as planned stand-alone newsstand issue for the magazine; at some point over the last few months it morphed into Food and Wine's first iPhone app.

It is an honor that the magazine's editors decided to seek out Volta from among the multitude of cafes from coast-to-coast. And, once again, Volta is the only shop in the state of Florida to receive recognition for the quality of our espresso service. (Almost three years on, and we're still the only shop listed south of Atlanta on

I had been surprised last fall when the editors at Food and Wine first called to interview me for the (at that time) story. My inner foodie couldn't believe that Food and Wine could have possibly heard about our little shop in a market not exactly known for espresso culture. I ended up talking to two different writers for at least an hour each about our approach to our drink program; it's always a bit of a shock to see that all of that time spent discussing the details of our staff and customer coffee cuppings and the care put into our Oolong selection ends up as one sentence in a review. The focus on our espresso came from discussions that the editors had with industry professionals in New York and Los Angeles before talking to me. I'm glad that I was able to get a word in about our Matcha service-- especially since we are one of only two or three shops in the country able to serve the amazing Matcha that Doug Palas is sourcing for Intelligentsia.