Ecco's Tanzania Single Origin Espresso

[flickr-photo:id=5596726450,size=""]We love working with the team at Ecco Caffe. Technically, Ecco is an Intelligentsia operation, with access to many of the same coffees. But from time to time, they get their hands on very special lots of coffee that are just too small for Intelligentsia to deal with-- like the microlot from Brazil's Fazenda Santana that we're offering on the Clover this week. In addition to the special lots, they are able to fine-tune single origin espresso offerings from many of the same coffees that we're offering by the cup on the V60 or Chemex. Case in point: this week we are featuring the magnificent Tanzania Edelweiss Estate coffee as a very special espresso. Ambria and Natalie are liking it best as a macchiato while Anthony's loving it as a straight espresso. Here's what Ecco's QC manager Amber Fox has to say about the coffee:

We have been getting some gorgeous aromatics of peach, honey, and confectioner's sugar, followed by blood orange, tropical notes, apricot, and a very distinct body- like perfectly textured cappuccino microfoam. in milk, it's very soft, with the floral lilac and honey notes melding with the sweet milk for a luxurious capp. It reminds me of a really beautiful French white; all subtley and elegance, if you have the patience to open your palate up to it.

Overall, it's a very interesting espresso experience, very outside the norm, and probably not an everyday espresso for most people (unless you happen to be coffee geeks like we are!).


Another point worth noting: our relationship with both Ecco and Intelligentsia allows for unique comparisons between coffees that you wouldn't even be able to enjoy at one of Intelligentsia's own cafes. We've had Intelligentsia's roast of the Tanzania Edelweiss Estate coffee, brewed on the Chemex, for the last month. Today we are switching over to Ecco's roast of the same lot. You could assume that there would be no differences between the two, especially considering that they are from the same selection from the same farm. But here's where it gets interesting. Ecco uses a relatively small Diedrich roaster, while Intelligentsia's Chicago roasting works uses a rather large and powerful Gothot roaster with much more powerful airflow (and thus convection heat). The mechanical/physical differences of the roasters, combined with slightly different profiles preferred by the two roasting teams, results in differences that can range from subtle to pronounced. We love to geek out at these moments when we have a coffee as sublime as the Edelweiss Estate and are able to do side-by-side comparisons between Ecco and Intelligentsia for our customers.