On the way to Colombia

I've worked hard to learn as much about coffee and espresso as I can so that Volta can bring the best to GNV-- and that work has paid off with a nice perk: I'm flying to Bogota, Colombia on 6/27 as one of a handful of sensory judges from the US participating in the World Barista Championship.

It's an incredible honor to be included, but it also means that I'm away from the shop for the longest time since we opened. We'll be short-staffed while I'm gone, so we'll take advantage of Memorial day weekend to shorten the hours from the 28th-30th, from 9am-5pm

On the downside, we might not have a regular supply of crazy-flavored hot scones every day while I'm gone. On the upside, I'll be taking as many photos as possible this weekend while I tour a number of new farms with Geoff Watts, hopefully finding new coffees that we'll feature next year.

Be sure to check out live, streaming video coverage of the barista competition at worldbaristacompetition.org, beginning June 1 and finishing up on June 5.