Manantiales del Frontino Geisha

End of the semester. End of the year. End of Herman Cain's campaign. There's got to be something out there that you should be celebrating. And we have the coffee for you. Manantiales del Frontino Geisha, from Colombia. Selected as coffee of the year by the SCAA. Intelligentsia sells it for $109 a pound. We're offering it for 8.50 a cup. Yes. It's expensive-- but still less than a bottle of craft beer at most bars. And if you like coffee, it's an amazing treat. For starters, it tastes like sugarcane and flowers. As it cools, it starts to taste more like sweet honeydew melon. We have one pound left. It will be gone soon. It's your last chance to try what was picked by the specialty coffee industry as the best of the year.

You can learn more about the Mananitales del Frontino from Intelligentsia's snappy new website.