Sold Out

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we've sold out of our allotment of Black Cat Project single origin El Salvador espresso. We'd like to thank our friends at Intelligentsia for giving us the chance to serve a unique single origin espresso; I think we were able to do justice to an amazing coffee. My own first shot was full of maple-spice goodness that was both unexpected in its intensity and yet subtle and pleasing in body and aftertaste. We are almost sold out of the Brazil pulp natural (we might have six or seven cups left), but we're working on bringing in one more batch of the Los Inmortales micro-lot to serve up on the Clover.

We've also sold out of all of the jamaica that I had in stock. We've ordered in several pounds of new hibiscus flowers, but we won't know if the quality is up to par until the shipment arrives next week. I'm certainly hoping so-- we sold out of every batch that we made this week.