Black Cat Project: Organic Single-Origin Bolivia Anjilanaka Espresso

Volta is proud to be serving what is quite possibly the most unique single-origin espresso that has been offered through Intelligentsia’s Black Cat Project. Anjilanaka (pronounced on-hee-lah-nah-kah) from Bolivia is the coffee that helped Mike Phillips win the 2009 United States Barista Championship on March 8. He describes it as “[ringing] out loudly and clearly with a juicy berry-like acidity, with green grape and fig sweetness. Acidity and sweetness play together to form juicy body."

The instant I started grinding the Anjilanaka on the Super Jolly, the smooth and buttery aroma pleasantly surprised me. Once pulled, it made for a plump espresso and succulent macchiato. Yet, what marked this espresso as my preferred single-origin was its exquisite cappuccino. I could have sworn Paula Deen had sneaked in and thrown a spoonful of butter in the cup! The savory flavor lingered at the finish and for at least another two minutes after the last sip.

This spectacular organic single-origin espresso will be available at Volta for at least another two weeks. It can be used in any of our espresso-based drinks for a $0.50 up charge – just ask your barista.