Volta Museum of Natural Histories

[flickr-photo:id=3393248090]For this month's ArtWalk, Volta has been transformed into a temporary autonomous natural histories museum. The NeoNaturalist movement seeks to return the natural sciences to their amateur roots: entomologist and herpetologist working with illustrators, photographers, bike mechanics, cave divers, and baristas to document the esoteric reaches of the vanishing Florida landscape. Following the rallying cry of "Herping ain't easy," these intrepid volunteers spend long nights searching the back roads of north florida for traces of flora and fauna least likely to be featured in National Geographic or Florida Living: while the whales and wolves might be the poster critters of the environmental movement, the NeoNaturalists are documenting the last stands of the insects, reptiles, and plants most likely only to be encountered dead on the road by the residents of Florida-- the last traces of the true Florida landscape that is rapidly eroding in the shadow of development and the angel of history.

The installation includes specimen boxes and jars, line drawings, photographs, paintings, scientific research stills, including works by:

Lary Reeves
John Bremer
Alexandra Wright
Anthony Rue
Amanda Ropp
Amanda Grabau
Quincy Masters III
Montana Atwater
Keitha McCall
Charlie Meyer