Special Events

Educate yourself.

Coffee is serious stuff for the staff at Volta. We are constantly working to educate ourselves about the intricacies of coffee, be it staff cuppings whenever we introduce a new varietal, or daily work to make sure we are producing the proper flavor profile.

Public and Staff Coffee Cupping

Most Saturday mornings @11

Volta is kicking off the new year with another round of free public cuppings. A cupping is a sort of formalized coffee tasting; in the field it is used to evaluate the quality of crops to be purchased; at the roasting works is it used to find optimal roasting levels. At Volta, we are cupping production (final release) roast of the coffees we serve to help build a deeper understanding of how coffee type and terroir change the flavors of the coffees we serve.

The cupping is free and open to the public. No prior experience (beyond a curiosity about coffee) is necessary; we'll provide instructions and guide the cupping from start to finish. A cupping is a structured tasting that is used in the specialty coffee industry to evaluate the quality of specific coffees, both in the field before auction/purchase and at the point of roasting to determine the best roast level. We'll start by evaluating the dry and wet aromas of the coffees, then move on to the "slurp" to develop an evaluation of each coffee's taste. All we ask is that you refrain from wearing perfumes or other strong scents when cupping with us-- there's just so much that a nose can take in before the individual fragrances of the coffees are overwhelmed.

MFA Poetry and Fiction

Volta is pleased to announce the latest schedule for the UF MFA poetry and fiction reading series. Stop by the shop to hear works read by up-and-coming authors and poets from UF's acclaimed writing program. Readings begin at 8 and last about an hour.

Fall 2013 Schedule

  • 9/12 Oliver Lee & Elaina Mercatoris
  • 9/26 Victor Florence & Nini Berndt
  • 10/10 Patrick May & Gentris Jointe
  • 10/24 Ashley Keyser & Glen Lindquist
  • 11/7 Alex Pickett & Tara Tatum
  • 11/21 Erin Jones & Emma Smith-Stevens