Limited and Rare Teas

Okuyutaka Shincha

A deeply-steamed early spring shincha from the southern prefecture of Kagoshima. Produced from the unusual Okuyutaka cultivar, it has a very sweet and savory character. Flavors of warm milk, toasted sesame, and melon combine to create a unique palate.

Uji Sencha

A hand-crafted tea from Uji, Kyoto Prefecture. Sweet, with fruity flavors reminiscent of kombu and cherry blossom. The body is thick and savory and it finishes with a lingering floral note. 6 oz pot, multipe infusions.

Bai Hao Oolong

From Hsinchu County, Taiwan, Bai Hao presents a deep fruity flavor accented by notes of cinnamon, wild flower and honey. It is medium-bodied and has a long lingering finish. 6 oz pot, multiple infusions.

Winter Ali Shan

This high mountain oolong from Plum Mountain in Chiayi County, Taiwan is prized for its silky mouthfeel and intricate flavors. Notes of lilac and pine needles leave a seemingly neverending aftertaste. 6 oz pot, multipe infusions.

Magnolia Blossom Dan Cong Oolong

Magnolia Dan Cong tends to display flavors of berries and cherry blossoms as well as the signature magnolia scent. The finish is brisk and lingering. 6 oz pot, multipe infusions.

Plum Blossom Dan Cong Oolong

Our Fenghuang Plum Blossom Dan Cong oolong is very aromatic, floral and naturally sweet. Multiple firings in wood charcoal ovens imparts toasty notes and almond-like flavors. It won’t be around for long– we were only able to order 250g from this harvest. 6 oz pot, multipe infusions.

Hong Yue Red Jade

An assertive black tea from Nantou, Taiwan with unusual flavors of wintergreen, sarsaparilla, cinnamon and European hops. Red Jade is a cross between a Burmese assamica tea plant and a Taiwanese native tea. Steeps with a deep red color and has a clean, refreshing finish. 12 oz pot, 2 infusions

Iron Goddess of Mercy

A dynamic medium-roast Oolong tea with complex notes of honey, lilac, and toasted almond. 6oz pot, multiple infusions.

Bao Zhong

Our 2013 Organic Bao Zhong is a lightly oxidized oolong tea. It was produced from the Qin Xin cultivar which when grown at a high elevation produces lingering floral and fruity flavors. 6oz pot, multiple infusions.

Organic Emerald Spring

The nutty, sweet flavor of Organic Emerald Spring is a perfect introduction for novice green tea drinkers. Emerald Spring is mildly vegetal without the strong grassy or oceanic notes often associated with some green teas. The nuttiness is complimented by a rich, buttery body. 6oz pot, multiple infusions.


An exemplary organic maccha (aka, matcha). Our traditional maccha is available as usucha for $4.00, whisked with 4 ounces of hot water and served straight, or as koicha when used as the base for a maccha latte for $4.75 Please allow a few minutes extra for the traditional preparation of your maccha.

Yama Sencha

This is a lightly-steamed, Sencha with a brisk, floral flavor. The body is delicate, with flavors of peanut, wildflower, and acorn squash. From Fukuoka Prefecture. 6 oz pot, multiple infusions.


Genmaicha (literally “roasted brown rice tea”) is a 50-50 mix of toasted brown rice kernels and sencha green tea. Genmaicha’s distinctive nutty, slightly-sweet flavor is very popular in Japan. Our genmaicha blends organic sencha from Uji, Japan, with organic brown rice from the USA. 6oz pot, multiple infusions.

Golden Needles

Only the buds from the famed ancient Da Yeh Yunnan varietal are used to produced this tea. The smooth infusion yields flavors of baked yam, chocolate, and spice. One of the finest black teas in the world. 12 oz pot, single infusion

Golden Keemun

Eastern China black tea with aromas of cedar, citrus, and spice. The creamy mouth-feel offers just a touch of briskness while the deep flavors of pine, dried date, and black pepper are balanced with the concentrated sweetness of dried fruit. Unlike most Keemun style teas the flavor is unadulterated with any smokiness which gives our Golden Keemun lots of clarity. 12 oz pot, single infusion

Silver Needles

Exceptionally sweet white tea made up only of the youngest downy buds from the 2013 spring harvest. Flavors of honey, savory melon and chamomile blossom. 6oz pot, multiple infusions.

Classic and Herbal Teas

English Breakfast Tea

A blend of organic black teas with a complex and spicy aroma, malty flavor and a distinct apricot
undertone. Enjoy it straight, or with milk and sugar. Black tea, single 12oz pot.

Earl Grey

A traditional blend of organic black tea with the intense floral citrus flavor of bergamot oil. Black tea, single 12oz pot.

Lapsang Souchong

Organic black tea with a complex peppery aroma and the flavor of smoke from pine needles. Black tea, single 12oz pot.

Jasmine Green Tea

Sweet organic green tea scented with fresh aromatic jasmine blossoms. 6oz pot, multiple infusions.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Sweet organic jasmine green tea blended with intense peppermint. 6oz pot, multiple infusions.

Blue Crane Herbal Blend

Organic rooibos and honey bush produce a sweet, malty alternative to black tea.


A warm, soothing cup with a buttery body and apple-like aroma. Certified organic.

Organic Peppermint

Very strong peppermint. The ethereal menthol flavor is both stimulating and refreshing.

Blend 333

Intelligentsia's blend of peppermint, chamomile, and rose hips. Soothing, yet refreshing.

Organic Lemongrass

Our Thai lemongrass produces a sweet caffeine-free herbal tea. It has a clear lemon flavor without the acidity of a lemon.